Shape Teams
with Character

CharacterScope is a digital coaching platform that helps leaders and their teams to perform at their best, building on strengths to develop character, culture and leadership.

What if you could offer coaching to all your team leaders?

Coaching is the approach of choice for developing complex capabilities such as leadership and teamwork. 

CharacterScope provides an integrated, guided learning experience from insight to development using deep coaching-style content. Our approach can scale from one team to whole organisations, supporting you in delivering change and transformation.

Creating a successful team is really a story of
character and leadership

Whether you’re starting out, scaling up or transforming 

Your business will consistently need to utilise a range of character and leadership traits to deliver the very best for your customers

Character shapes the foundation for your team’s success

Basic competency isn’t enough. Without strengths like self-belief and resilience, the skills your team possesses won’t be enough to achieve your organisation’s high-level goals.


Shift from managing people to mobilising them

driving leadership performance and collaboration across your team.

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Use us on selected team leaders and their teams


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