In this documentary-length video we track Randall Wyn Fulmer as he turns his fascination with the challenge of creating musical instruments into a full-time obsession. One that sees him go from amateur guitar-maker to one of the most sought-out craftsmen in the business.

It is a wonderful illustration of how his personal mix of character strengths (optimism, creativity, risk-taking, open-minded, ability to find solutions, practicality, perseverance) combine to enable him to create things of beauty and practicality. As he comments, creating a musical instrument is a double gain – the joy of making it and then the further joy of hearing great musicians playing it.

It is also an illustration of how his work has been about seeking out and staying true to his talents and interests, even though the ride has at times been really challenging. And of how leadership does not depend on having people to manage, but is really about finding a purpose and then connecting to it and the hard work that comes from it.