Built on 25 years of insight

Built on 25 years of coaching insight, CharacterScope is like having a great leadership coach always available to you, guiding your development day by day

The foundation of CharacterScope comes from the coaching team at The Thinking Partnership. They have been guiding and coaching leaders for more than 25 years, week-in, week-out. Sitting alongside people helping them grapple with challenges, complexity and opportunities, helping them grow and develop. Often these people have not thought of themselves as leaders, just as people trying to get things to happen, sometimes routine, sometimes exciting.

Their key insights? First, that everyone has the capacity to lead. In fact everyone leads in different aspects of their life, even if they don’t call it leadership. Second, that everyone can develop.


Making coaching accessible to everyone

But we also know that face to face coaching is expensive and hard to access. Which means that many people don’t reach their full leadership potential.

So we developed CharacterScope to make leadership development accessible for anyone who wants to shape their own future. It draws on our experience and psychological insight as leadership coaches to design the CharacterScope development journey to engage and guide you.


Helping you create habits

As much as we may wish for development to happen at the click of our fingers, the reality is that making long-lasting change can be difficult. We are creatures of habit, and forming new ones is not easy. Doing it self-supported is even more challenging.

That’s why these posts are here to help you, to provide insight and inspiration. In return for your engagement with us you have our commitment to continue to improve CharacterScope to make it as good as it can be. 

Our aim

So that’s our ultimate aim with CharacterScope: to help create a world of people willing to lead, confident in their direction and motivated to develop.

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