Welcome to the CharacterScope Develop App

The brand new CharacterScope Develop App is here! After an intense 6 months of development we are thrilled to tell the world that the Develop App can now be downloaded from the Apple App store and Google Play store.


34 Development plans

The Develop App captures insights from 25 years of leadership coaching to guide your development. Our writing team have deep experience as leadership coaches but have grown frustrated with not being able to reach and help more people with their development. So we set ourselves the challenge of capturing exactly how we help people to develop: their self-belief, bravery, resilience, optimism… or any of the 34 different CharacterScope Strengths. Each of these plans has a carefully created structure that mirrors as closely as we can the experience of working with a great coach.


Always available

Working with a personal coach can be a fantastic and powerful way of accelerating your development. Yet coaches can never be available every time you want them. Unlike the Develop App. 25 days of development workouts guide you on a rich journey of personal insight and practical tips within each development plan. And underlying all of the development plans is the theme of CharacterScope helping you learn the art of coaching yourself. That way you end up with a coach guaranteed to understand you and always available.


For full members

The CharacterScope Develop App is only available to people with Full membership subscription to CharacterScope. If that’s you – what are you waiting for! Login to your account and follow the prompts to download the app. Within 10 minutes you can be on your development journey. And if you do not yet have an account, or have an Associate membership account, why not contact us to find out how you can let CharacterScope guide you to be your best self?