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The digital coaching platform helping leaders and their teams to perform at their best.

Character and Leadership

Starting out, scaling up or transforming 

Utilise your teams character and leadership traits.

Character is the foundation for your team’s success

Achieve your organisation’s high-level goals with self-belief and resilience.


Shift from managing people to mobilising them

Understand your team dynamics, shared strengths and areas of development. Create team-specific plans, deliver individual development and improve overall performance.

CharacterScope Blog

Thoughts and news from the team behind CharacterScope

CEO strengths and weaknesses – The European Magazine

The strengths and weaknesses of a superhero CEO Mark Loftus for The European Building purpose into a business is an admirable ambition. But these 'heroic' leaders still have weaknesses to balance out their strengths. During ten...

Business Vision – Hidden secrets of the Innovator

Hidden secrets of the InnovatorMark Loftus for Business Vision "Managing Innovators requires care and nurture. Some will need encouragement, to be told when to push on, and when to quite. But identifying the innovators in a...

Develop App

CharacterScope Develop is designed to support you during your coach-guided learning process. Develop brings a new approach to leadership learning, providing practical tools, insight, motivation and guidance.