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Good Leadership is Life-Enhancing

Good leadership leads to improved business performance – but it goes much further than that. It is about creating meaning and purpose in people’s lives, about creating communities and engagement; it is about people feeling able to take control of their own lives, to shape their own futures.

So, at CharacterScope we are on a mission to make good leadership learning accessible and valued by everyone.

We think what is needed is a completely new approach that provides people with practical tools, insight, motivation and guidance so they can build their confidence and belief in themselves as leaders. And we need to do this in a way that fits into modern lifestyles: digital-first, intelligently personalised, self-directed.

Meet The Team

Mark Loftus

Founder & CEO

Best-fit Leader types:

Innovator Strategist

Mark is a psychologist, coach, leadership expert and serial product innovator and business founder. His early career was as a clinical psychologist, he then set-up and led The Oxford Consulting Group and The Thinking Partnership, recognised as two of the UK’s reference leadership consultancies. He has led the development of numerous innovative, psychology-based technology products. CharacterScope represents the fusion of insight into how digital technology can help human development with insight about what leadership learning really needs to focus on.

Niall Curran

Founder & Chairman

Best-fit Leader types:

Strategist Professional

Niall is a serial chair, non-executive and investor focussed on high growth businesses. He spent 16 years with Liberty Global in leadership roles across media/content businesses and until 2016 was President of Content Investments.

Niall combines a strong focus on how leadership and organisation development build business performance, with a practical focus on how we as a fast-growth start-up need to constantly juggle strategic, product-development and commercial priorities.

Arabella Ellis

Founder & Coaching Guru

Best-fit Leader types:

Transformational Charismatic

Arabella is a highly valued psychologist, leadership coach and consultant, known for the sharpness of her insight, the relevance of her advice and the warmth of her style. She has developed her craft through working over nearly three decades with many hundreds of leaders in scores of the world’s top businesses.

Her role in CharacterScope is to define for us the standard of what good leadership learning needs to look like, to keep us honest about when good enough is not good enough.

Daniel Huggins

Founder & Systems Architect

Best-fit Leader types:


Dan made most of the things you see here, together with two talented designers Guy and Felix. He got his start developing video games, and since then he’s developed fusion simulators, medical devices and statistics software. 

For him, CharacterScope is all about moral and psychological development. He wants to make it easy for people to develop not only their leadership skills, but the character virtues that the Buddha and other ancient philosophers emphasised as the foundation to human fulfilment and happiness.

Mark de Cates

Senior Developer

Best-fit Leader types:

Strategist  Innovator

Mark is an experienced developer and technical leader.

Having worked with leading technology organisations over the past 12 years (including NASA), his software is used by FTSE 100 businesses and successful startups.

Lisa McFall

Commercial & Finance

Best-fit Leader types:

Executional  Practical

Lisa has spent over 15 years being responsible for the commercial, operational and financial smooth-running of businesses – skills that were originally developed from her time in the Royal Air Force. She provides the team at CharacterScope with a firm foundation of financial awareness and commercial problem-solving.

Vikki Harflett


Best-fit Leader types:

Executional Practical

CharacterScope has been at the centre of Vikki’s working life since the very first prototype. She knows more about the CharacterScope system and how it works in practice than anyone else on the team. She brings this wisdom and insight into guiding how we connect with our members.

Caitlin Massey

Team Assistant

Best-fit Leader types:

Servant Practical

Caitlin joined the CharacterScope team in early 2017 and is a core part of how we bring CharacterScope to life: through her graphic skills, her admin nous, and her eye for good design.

Conor Mc Donald Heffernan

UX Designer

Best-fit Leader types:

Innovator  Servant

Conor is here to make sure the CharacterScope journey is the best it can be for our users. He believes that a combination of technology, data-driven design and outward thinking holds the key to solving even the most complex human problems.

Our CharacterScope Master Practitioners

This is the hand-picked team led by Arabella Ellis who define the standards we aspire to in terms of coaching in CharacterScope. You may meet them delivering our Coach+ service, sometimes supervising our wider coaching community, sometimes leading Team+ workshops, and sometimes running our broader client leadership programmes.

Clare Cohen

Clare is a psychologist and coach, whose early career in occupational psychology meant she had a key contribution to make in the original development of the Strengths framework that underpins CharacterScope. She brings this depth of insight along with her characteristic optimistic energy and belief in human potential to her contribution to CharacterScope and our coach community.

Garfield Harmon

Garfield is a clinical psychologist, leadership and organisational development consultant, group facilitator and executive coach. He is passionate about and uniquely skilled in helping people to foster and develop emotional insight in the service of more effective leadership and happier personal lives. He combines a continued clinical therapy practice with his leadership coaching and consulting.


Helen May

Helen is a coach, leadership expert and facilitator. Her early career in corporates, in both senior Sales and L&D roles, gave her a strong foundation for developing a pragmatic, commercial approach to development. She moved to be Head of Executive Development in a leadership consultancy, where she led many large-scale development programmes, as well as coaching senior teams and boards. Helen continues this work with CharacterScope, leading our client programme work.

Linda Willis

Linda has spent a decade coaching and consulting for organisations in the art of leadership and employee engagement. With a background in fast moving, high-performance businesses culminating as HR Director for an F1 Team and the TWR Group, Linda is experienced in helping senior staff look beyond the technical to the human elements of the team to maximise performance.