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How character shapes culture

Mark Loftus writing for the FT 125, the Financial Times' senior leadership community.   The modern workplace is undergoing a cultural revolution, and it’s not just the millennial workforce driving it. Common-sense tells us everybody is looking for positive and...

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Can people change?

Do you believe you can change, learn and grow? Or do you believe that your abilities are innate and can only be developed up to a fixed level? Can intelligence and character can be changed? Or are they set, and there is not much we can do to alter them? This...

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What would you do?

Ten Meter Tower - by Maximilien Van Aertryck and Axel Danielson   This simple, beautifully produced video shows a unique view of bravery. The film has a simple premise: faced with being on top of a 10 metre high diving platform for the first time in your life, would...

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What keeps us healthy and happy?

How to live well; what we can learn from the world's longest study on happiness. In 1938 the medical director at Harvard University, Arlie Bock, conceived of a project that he hoped would move medicine beyond the realm of treating sickness and into understanding how...

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About the bass

In this documentary-length video we track Randall Wyn Fulmer as he turns his fascination with the challenge of creating musical instruments into a full-time obsession. One that sees him go from amateur guitar-maker to one of the most sought-out craftsmen in the...

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