The Guide


Building a culture of leadership

Scaling leadership development is the single fastest way to create new capabilities across an organisation. There is no ‘silver bullet’ to achieve this: coaching is a potential solution but not cost-effectively scalable and emerging digital products show promise, but...

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What type of leader do you have the potential to be?

Understanding yourself and your potential as a leader. Completing a CharacterScope Self-Review is your opportunity to discover yourself as a leader. Like working with any good coach, the starting point is a thorough review: What are your strengths? Your gaps? Which of...

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3 thoughts about you and leadership

The Solo and Viewpoints reports helps you tune into yourself and understand your strengths, gaps and potential better. It will give you fresh insights into how your unique pattern of strengths means you are suited to make particular leadership contributions.   Are you...

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Your aspirations as a leader

Your personal aspirations The message behind CharacterScope is simple: We believe the world would be a better place if everyone found the confidence to be the leader they have the inner potential to be. CharacterScope is about helping you find and develop your...

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The CharacterScope coaching promise

Built on 25 years of insight Built on 25 years of coaching insight, CharacterScope is like having a great leadership coach always available to you, guiding your development day by day The foundation of CharacterScope comes from the coaching team at The Thinking...

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Why tips don’t work

It is a nice idea to think that there are tips or hacks that will make our lives better. A silver bullet that those in the know are aware of and that we have finally been granted access to. But try this simple test: type ’10 tips’ into Google and see how many pages...

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