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The CharacterScope Develop App is here!

Welcome to the CharacterScope Develop App The brand new CharacterScope Develop App is here! After an intense 6 months of development we are thrilled to tell the world that the Develop App can now be downloaded from the Apple App store and Google Play store.   34...

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HR Business Leaders Programme

We are delighted that CharacterScope has been chosen to support the Guild of Human Resources Professionals in its exciting development programme for future HR Business leaders. The Guild of Human Resource Professionals is a newly formed Guild with the purpose of...

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What type of leader do you have the potential to be?

Understanding yourself and your potential as a leader. Completing a CharacterScope Self-Review is your opportunity to discover yourself as a leader. Like working with any good coach, the starting point is a thorough review: What are your strengths? Your gaps? Which of...

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3 thoughts about you and leadership

The Solo and Viewpoints reports helps you tune into yourself and understand your strengths, gaps and potential better. It will give you fresh insights into how your unique pattern of strengths means you are suited to make particular leadership contributions.   Are you...

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Can people change?

Do you believe you can change, learn and grow? Or do you believe that your abilities are innate and can only be developed up to a fixed level? Can intelligence and character can be changed? Or are they set, and there is not much we can do to alter them? This...

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What would you do?

Ten Meter Tower - by Maximilien Van Aertryck and Axel Danielson   This simple, beautifully produced video shows a unique view of bravery. The film has a simple premise: faced with being on top of a 10 metre high diving platform for the first time in your life, would...

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The CharacterScope coaching promise

Built on 25 years of insight Built on 25 years of coaching insight, CharacterScope is like having a great leadership coach always available to you, guiding your development day by day The foundation of CharacterScope comes from the coaching team at The Thinking...

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What keeps us healthy and happy?

How to live well; what we can learn from the world's longest study on happiness. In 1938 the medical director at Harvard University, Arlie Bock, conceived of a project that he hoped would move medicine beyond the realm of treating sickness and into understanding how...

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About the bass

In this documentary-length video we track Randall Wyn Fulmer as he turns his fascination with the challenge of creating musical instruments into a full-time obsession. One that sees him go from amateur guitar-maker to one of the most sought-out craftsmen in the...

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Why tips don’t work

It is a nice idea to think that there are tips or hacks that will make our lives better. A silver bullet that those in the know are aware of and that we have finally been granted access to. But try this simple test: type ’10 tips’ into Google and see how many pages...

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