High Impact Teams get people to be their best.

Our goal is to help people create fantastic places to work, places where great teams deliver strong performance and drive people’s development.

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We help you create great teams.

Where people value each other’s strengths, and challenge each other to become the best they can be. Where everyone takes ownership for the energy and effectiveness of the team, not leaving it to the leader.

For this, people need to understand themselves at their best, to know what their talents are, to feel excited about their contribution and potential.

They need to know what to develop and to be guided, nudged, inspired and held to account in achieving their aspirations.

CharacterScope gives you the tools to turn this into reality.




The High Impact Team programme blends team workshops, one-to-one coaching, peer-support and self-directed development to create a step-change in performance over a 12 week time-frame.

12-month membership of CharacterScope for all team members provides self-assessment and peer feedback tools to help people get to the core of who they are as leaders

CharacterScope Develop App delivers scripted and structured advice to guide self-directed development

1:1 coaching deepens insight and awareness and helps people engage with their development

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Team reports highlight team diversity, shared values and hidden blindspots

Team leader consultations lock CharacterScope insights into realities of work challenges

2x half-day team workshops develop the team’s collective strengths

CharacterScope coach ‘nudges’ plus peer-support maximise likelihood of translating good intentions into practical leadership impact

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  • Create high impact teams: individually excellent players delivering team outcomes and creating teams of teams
  • Create a new language and culture of leadership leading to a resilient team able to deliver growth and change
  • Develop people cost effectively without disrupting work
  • Provide quality of personal insight, development & coaching usually only available to senior executives
  • Improve employer brand through digital innovation
  • Unlimited fully flexible 24/7 access means all team members can drive their own development


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