CharacterScope – a new way to do leadership and team development

Digital-first: affordable and flexible

We think leadership learning is for everyone – from early in their career to senior roles – and in every organisation – large or small.

Full membership is highly affordable and provides each individual access to all the digital tools that bring self-directed leadership learning to life.

And, because we live in a digital always-on age, CharacterScope is designed so everyone in your organisation can access learning wherever and whenever it suits them.

Intelligently personalised

CharacterScope tailors itself to each individual, putting them in control and ensuring people stay engaged. It brings real wisdom, capturing the skills and insights of the best leadership coaches. So it’s like having a personal coach always available to guide.

You can rest assured that CharacterScope accredited coaches oversee learning activity on the platform and are available for support, including highly personalised coaching for individuals and teams.


CharacterScope’s highly personalised approach engages people in wanting to learn. But that’s not enough.

At the core of CharacterScope is our time-tested and real-world proven strengths framework, forged from 25 years leadership consulting and research. So you can trust the underlying rigour and relevance as CharacterScope guides people from insights to action.

The impact? Effective leadership learning that translates into results.

Working with CharacterScope

Digital-first makes leadership learning accessible for everyone.

CharacterScope’s digital product enables your business to provide highly personalised and flexible development for leaders and teams at any point in their careers, nurturing talent and building leaders of the future.

CharacterScope products can be flexibly combined to deliver a solution to match your business needs, including training and accrediting your in-house resource to support your programme. Follow the link below to find out more about CharacterScope’s Products & Plans.

The Guide You Can Trust

CharacterScope is for teams like yours. It has already helped thousands of people in dozens of businesses.