A new way to do coaching

CharacterScope is a new digitally-minded way to coach.

Through expert coaching and personalised digital tools, CharacterScope provides a holistic, high-quality and scalable approach to learning and development. Our digital platform amplifies the impact of a coach across an entire organisation. Development can happen anytime and anywhere.

CharacterScope wants coaching to fit with modern life – fast paced, agile and on-demand.

The benefits to independent coaches

Successfully addresses ‘So what?’ question – assessment and development

Allows coaches to offer scale to their clients

Offers coaches ongoing development between coaching sessions

Digital = modern, fast, flexible, appropriate

Affordable and cost-effective

Offers individual, team and organisational insights

Constantly evolving programme of support to the coaching community

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3 Stage Development Journey

CharacterScope’s digital product enables your business to provide highly personalised and flexible development for people and teams at any point in their personal growth and development, nurturing talent and building leaders of the future.


Discover your leadership profile in rich detail – your strengths and gaps – and get others’ Viewpoints


Decide where to focus your development and build your motivation to get there


Use our App to put this into action with development plans for each of the 34 strengths

Decades of Experience, Years of Growth

We’ve taken decades of psychological understanding to create a functional digitally-enabled coaching experience.

CharacterScope is working with a range of organisations – big and small – from media to financial services to healthcare. They’re using CharacterScope to deliver the ongoing development for individuals and teams.

We’ve established a track record of excellence with our clients and are continuing to grow at a phenomenal pace.

CharacterScope is changing coaching 


All new ideas experience resistance. CharacterScope is shaking up the coaching world. If you want to find out more about our mission, get in touch with Allan McGregor, our Coach Network Lead below: