It’s time to get the best from your team.

Identify your team’s strengths and gaps — then develop them through world-class coaching, delivered digitally and by expert psychologists.

Imagine a world…

where every team in your organisation

  • Is performing strongly and exceeding expectations
  • Is highly engaged, with low turnover, laughter and learning
  • Has people who feel they’re being supported and developed

All of this in a post-Covid remote-working world and at a cost that makes it affordable to roll-out across the whole organisation.

We created CharacterScope to make this promise of teams a reality.

3 Ingredients of team development

We bring together people science, great technology and brilliant design to provide a uniquely engaging learning experience and empowering teams to take charge of their own development.

A digital platform with in-person coaching & guidance

CharacterScope is built for self-service and to enable large scale roll-outs. Users are guided by an engaging UX that integrates individual and team development. Teams are supported in-person by CharacterScope coaches & customer team.

Scripted team development workshops

CharacterScope guides teams through onboarding, creating reports and running workshops – in person or remotely. Our 9 Questions Model provides a comprehensive guide for building team performance… enabling development to happen in the flow of work.

Personal development pathways for everyone

CharacterScope captures coaching best practice: insight-based development leading to habit-based development. 34 individual pathways deliver authoritative content to guide strength building… in a way that fits the rhythm of people’s daily lives.

“CharacterScope offered a unique approach of a tool that we could deploy across 3 offices combined with support from their expert team. The depth of data behind CharacterScope combined with deep psychology expertise gave us great confidence and got even sceptical participants on board. Accessing both insights and personal development through a very 21st century app really helped engagement.” Read the full story 

Tanya Lightbody, Group People and Performance Director at Treis Partners LLP

Loved by our customers and users

Try it out for yourself

Seamlessly fits into your current collaboration and communication tools

Collaboration tools have changed the way you work. Now CharacterScope can help you capitalise on the potential of these tools to change the way teams develop: providing team & leadership development in the flow of work.

The latest from CharacterScope

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Snippet – No.17: Self-regulation

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