Create relationships, teams, workplaces and communities where people flourish personally and work productively.

CharacterScope Teams

Guide leaders to be their best selves and build connected teams.

Leader Journey

Develop your own leadership style, and build dynamic teams that are performance-oriented, inclusive and values-led.

Team Dynamics

Use CharacterScope to understand individual strengths and gaps. Improve the collective by getting the best from your individuals.

Group Learning

Gain a clear understanding of team dynamics, shared strengths and develop team-specific plans.

Characterscope has proved an invaluable tool in helping the team at Uber understand that leadership is something everyone in the organisation has to do everyday, that everyone has their own preferred style of leadership, and that being aware of this allows us to flex our leadership styles according to the situation and the business needs….. you know its working when you hear the Characterscope language of leadership styles in the corridors and the meeting rooms around the office.

Jamie Heywood

Regional General Manager

Develop App

CharacterScope Develop is designed to support you during your coach-guided learning process. Develop brings a new approach to leadership learning, providing practical tools, insight, motivation and guidance.