CharacterScope Develop and CharacterScope Teams: our digital platform that captures decades of expert coach know-how to guide you and your team’s development.

CharacterScope Develop


Guiding you and your people from self-discovery to strength building.


From strengths to leadership contribution: build self-awareness through mapping your signature strengths and gaps. Discover your unique leadership profile.


Feedback and insight drive personal growth: challenge your self-view through exploring the patterns in how others see you.


Move from insight to action. Structured development plans written by leading psychologists and coaches bring you daily workouts to create new habits and strengths.

CharacterScope Teams


Puts you as the leader in control, giving you the tools to shift from managing your people to mobilising them.

Development for the whole team

Onboard your team to CharacterScope Develop, nudge them through their journey, build motivation and create a culture of sharing, openness and peer support.

Practical guidance

Access authoritative content on the practicalities of developing team strengths and leadership habits, shaping powerful team dynamics.

CharacterScope Coach-facilitator


In-person support guiding you through your journey.

Human + digital

CharacterScope accredited coach-facilitators provide expert guidance on how to get the best from the CharacterScope platform, framework and resources.