Leadership Aspirations

Leadership Aspirations

Digitally led coaching that guides leaders and their people on a journey from self-awareness to personal development. Shape agile, high performing and inclusive teams.

Guide Your People

Leaders inspire leadership from others. Inspire people to put their heads above the parapet, to take a stand, to call out what isn’t working and what can be improved. Guide your people on a journey from self-awareness to personal development.

self assessment

Time-tested and real-world proven strengths framework, forged from 25 years of leadership consulting research.

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Motivate your team through structured, daily workouts.

Guide Your Leaders

What happens when existing staff members are promoted to managerial roles? Employers hand over the keys to the promoted party’s position and let them learn how to lead on their own, which is a risky game. But if you want your managers to manage, and manage well, you need to ensure they’re equipped accordingly.


Choose your development focus from any of the 34 different 25-day development plans.


Generate insight on employee strengths using self assessments and colleague feedback.

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Beautiful, Critical Data

Data on our people can be beautiful and subtle, but it’s also critical in making the right decisions for our organisation.

Want an innovative team? First define what innovation means

Every entrepreneur or manager has a mental image about how they’d like their workforce to look but, in many cases, they’ll expect duplicates of themselves which isn’t always good for an organisational culture. As we discussed before, diversity is a key weapon in a...

Inexperienced managers? Developing employee leadership

As businesses scale and change, often at a ferocious pace, there is often a need to promote and recruit new and inexperienced managers to lead people and drive the company forwards. This can bring with it a range of benefits. They often bring a fresh approach,...