In 2020, the world
went remote.

Many worried productivity would decrease —
the opposite happened.

52% of employees experienced burnout.
New words like “Zoom fatigue” were born.
And we met a lawyer who is definitely not a cat.

What made all this possible?

Collaborative technologies.

Zoom fatigue?
The 🔺 of the 🧊 berg.

Distributed teams come with major benefits to productivity and autonomy.

However there’s a significant downside over time: the erosion of trust, a key ingredient of high-performing teams.

Slowly but surely, we’re relying more on our tools and less on each other.

Collaboration is more than just .

Slack and Asana aren’t going to build trust — at least, not by themselves.

Historically, we scheduled team off-sites to do that. Or provided executive coaching to SLT, in order to build emotional intelligence.

And while these methods work, they’re typically expensiveexclusive, and don’t scale well.

Slack, meet the
trust fall.

What would team development look like if it was dragged out of the 1990s?

What would leadership development look like if was digitally-enabledinclusive of the whole organisation, and within the flow of work?

We’re biased, but we think it looks like CharacterScope.

The 3 secrets to team performance

Ask any sports team, band, or dance troupe how they got to be outstanding at what they do, and you’ll find 3 ingredients:

1️⃣ The Gym  | they have a rehearsal space and a coach to guide them;
2️⃣ The Training | team members have a personal fitness or rehearsal plan of some kind;
3️⃣ The Practice Arena | team members spend time training and rehearsing together, with rules for how to use their time.

… Yet for most modern teams, none of this exists.

CharacterScope replicates
these ingredients for
teams at work

The Gym

A digital platform with in-person coaching and guidance

The Training

Individuals have personal development pathways

The Practice Arena

Scripted team development journey and workshop sessions

Our research indicates a commitment of ~2% of your team’s time yields an average 10% improvement in team performance.

Loved by our customers and users

“CharacterScope offered a unique approach of a tool that we could deploy across 3 offices combined with support from their expert team. The depth of data behind CharacterScope combined with deep psychology expertise gave us great confidence and got even sceptical participants on board. Accessing both insights and personal development through a very 21st century app really helped engagement.” Read the full story 

Tanya Lightbody, Group People and Performance Director at Treis Partners LLP

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