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When we lead well, great things happen.

We feel more confident. We care more. We get things done more easily. We feel better.

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At CharacterScope we want to make good leadership an everyday experience. For everyone to be able to play their part in creating fantastic places to work, where everyone takes ownership for the health and vigour of their team.

Let CharacterScope guide you on a personal journey of discovery, engagement and development:

  • To understand you at your best
  • To know what your talents are and feel excited about yourself, your potential and your contribution
  • To know what you want to develop and to be guided, nudged, inspired and held to account in making your aspirations a reality
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1. Understand yourself and where you are

Like any good coach, the starting point is a thorough review.

Discover yourself in rich detail.

What are your strengths? Your gaps? Are you a Transformational leader? Charismatic? A Professional?

CharacterScope Discover maps how you see yourself, and allows you to compare this view against others’ view of you.

2. Decide where to focus your development


CharacterScope Engage guides you to create your personal leadership goal, and build your motivation to get there.

Our expert system uses your review data to recommend which of the 34 different, 5-week plans will best help you to achieve your goals, and helps you to create a detailed vision for your development.

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3. Develop


Goals are fine but don’t answer the vital how-to questions. CharacterScope Develop is your how-to guide and motivator on becoming more influential, more resilient, more creative. Each plan is 5 weeks of structured daily work-outs to close you in on your personal goal.

Undertaken through the CharacterScope Develop app, access to the plans is available wherever you are, with or without an internet connection will help drive commitment to consistent personal growth.

As well as the new format, the Develop module has been fully revamped.

All 34 of our Development plans are new and improved, written by our team of expert coaches.

Like to know more? Contact us with any questions you have, or request a demo for a detailed look at the process.